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Sangkat boeung kan seng

Jungle & wild animal define the north east of Cambodia. Stunning point of view and taste of adventure will spoil travellers along the road. Unique charm of many exotic place in ratanakiri will highlight your travel experience. 


10. The other Volcanic Lake, Kirimkot

Around 30 km from Banlung, in the south of Borkeo city, this magnificent and wild lake surrounded by only wilderness. We can't find a better place for a picnic to retrieve yourself with nature. A legend from neighborhood villages proclaim that a dragon is living in this lake, and anyone who is hungry will find any fish he need to sustain himself. But beware, if it is only for commercial purpose, then misfortune will fall on you. 

The place is great and would probably unique if Yak Loam haven't existed, but we will recommend you to visit their if only you haven't planned anything else. We have so many different point of interest to check before this one, we doubt you ll have enough time to see it! 

9. Reclining Buddha

For travelers who don't know, this is one of the major representation of Buddha. It emblematize the death of Buddha. His followers decide to represent a statue of him which had spread almost everywhere in South East Asia.

The Reclining Buddha is located at the entrance of the city, at the Phnom Svay pagoda. You can go and look at this statue but the must is to come during sunset. Beautiful landscape from the hill overlooking the landscape of the surrounding of Banlung. 

9. Cha Ong Waterfall & Katieng Waterfall

8. Katieng & elephant trip

7. Tribal Village and Cemetery

6. Birdland Sanctuary

5. Grassland, home of the gaur

The largest wild bovid in the world. Probably in serious decline, you need a trekking in Virachey National Park for at least 2 days to get the chance to spot those wonderful mammals. Not as famous as tigers, elephants or rhinoceros, but it doesn't mean that is it still one of the incredible animal that you see in its natural habitat. 

You need to deserved spotting the gaur, a trekking with magnificent landscape, 1 or 2 night(s) sleeping in the jungle, early wake up or even night time to be able to see them in their homeland.  

This is where tourism can be a great contribution to the conservation of the area, and we hope that we will contribute to promote such a unique experience where those can only seen by documentary. 

Join us and spread the words!  

4. Gibbon Experience Tour

3. Bambou Rafting on part of sesan river rapid


 Have you ever built a bamboo boat? No? What are you waiting for then? 

One of the greatest experience of Ratanakiri. Take a scooter and get through dirt road, cross the sesan river and cut across the jungle to be at one of the arm of the mekong. A little trek in the jungle to assist of the wilderness of the province, and one of the best view of the whole country! Then get your lunch with your guide and be ready for crossing the rapids with your bambou boat! Swim, drive your boat, look at the wilderness around and the local people daily life, spot the king fisher and other bird in their habitat. 

Do not worry about the ecological part, those bambou only live for 1 years and grow as a bad plant in the jungle. Also, when you finish your tour with the boat, just keep the boat in the river, local will take them and will use the bamboo for building their house. 

2. Gem Mine

1. The volcanic Lake, Yak Loam